Connect with your Target Market

Sponsoring an event has many benefits, just ask one of our previous event sponsors.  2019 will see OPB reach its fifth year in operation, and it simply couldn’t have happened without the support of our event sponsors. 

This video celebrates the past success of OPB, through highlighting the memorable and unique experiences gained by all in attendance.   The atmosphere at OPB is incredible and the benefits of being an OPB event sponsor, clearly extend far beyond the actual event itself.

Why should you consider sponsoring an event?

According to a 2016 study, 72% of consumers positively view brands that provide quality event experiences and 74% of respondents admit that engaging with brands that create memorable moments makes them much more likely to buy their product.

Perception: Improve the way you are perceived by target audience

Engagement: Increase your community’s involvement and improve loyalty

Sales: Target audience turns into loyal customers

Reputation: Build a great reputation around your brand

Relationships: Strengthen customer relationships through face to face interactions

Visibility: Increase your reach

Partnerships: Find new partners and meet like-minded professionals

Access and Leads: Obtain new contacts

Recognition: Make your product or service more recognisable

Did you know?

Unlike other forms of advertising, which are frequently intrusive and unwanted, event sponsorship allows consumers and businesses to connect through meaningful real-time interaction. 
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If you would like more information about becoming an OPB event sponsor contact us.