From Oprah's Former Chief of Staff to Speaker and Life Coach: Meet Libby Moore (Part 1)

Moore’s career path is the polar opposite of linear: it seems testament to an innate willingness to take risks and change paths.

(This is part one of a two-part series.)

This week Marg Booth, OPB Director, had an amazing interview with our OPB Speaker Libby Moore, where she gave us some insight into her career as a coach and speaker, and much more. Continue reading below to get to know more about our OPB speaker and her life experiences. 


How did you start your career as a Personal Assistant? Was it always your dream?


I moved to New York City because I wanted to be a comedy writer for Saturday Night Live. That was going to be my ‘dream job.’ About a month after I moved to the city, I got a job as Maury Povich’s Personal assistant. [Maury is a well-known talk show host in the US] I worked with Maury for 3 years, and the entire time I was taking stand-up comedy classes, sketch comedy classes, and Improvisational workshops. I later moved on to take a job as an Associate Producer at a really bad TV show. I got fired after a few months. Eventually, I got another assistant job, as the second assistant to Jann Wenner, publisher of Rolling Stone magazine. I did that for four years. While I was there, I had an interview with the head writer of Saturday Night Live. I left that interview knowing that I would not be a writer there. I refocused on another show, The Rosie O’donnell Show, and sent writing submissions to the head writer for 10 months with no reply. Finally, I gave up on the comedy thing and said a prayer to the Universe: ‘OK, clearly you don’t want me to be a comedy writer, so whatever it is I am supposed to do, I’m open to it. Show me what it is and be clear!’ About 4-5 weeks later the Oprah job opportunity came along! I had to release my ‘dream job’ to receive the real DREAM JOB.’

You’ll have to attend OPB, to hear the rest of that story. ;)


Knowing that you spent around 11 years working with Oprah, we would like to know how was your experience managing a superstar’s business and personal life.


The most important thing I need to say is that I never could have done it without the TEAM of Assistants. I think when I started there were two or three, and over the years that grew to five. All of those assistants were excellent at what they did, and much better than me, in those roles. We were a fantastic team, and we worked together as a team. I would not have lasted 6 months without them!

Managing Ms. Winfrey’s life was the most extraordinary experience. I learned so much, through triumphs and super achievements as well as through the mistakes. Working by her side was a gift. I feel like I won the lottery, and the prize was an apprenticeship with one of the most extraordinary people of our time. The highs were super high, and the people that I met through her, were of such a high caliber. I was always very interested in the Spiritual world and new thought leaders, so meeting people like Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav, Dr. Maya Angelou, Esther & Jerry Hicks... it was magical for me.


As a Chief of Staff, sometimes the job could be consuming. What advice or tips could you give to someone who is working in a similar role?


#1 tip: Deep breaths and slow exhales will work wonders! It sounds so simple, but it has a very powerful effect. I’ll explain the science behind this at OPB.

#2 tip: Hire the absolute best team to support you. Hire people smarter than you, and people that can do a better job than you. Together you will make the magic happen!

#3 tip: Meditate! Meditation changed my life. It relaxes you and aligns you with a flow of energy that is the key to having a fulfilling life.


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Libby Moore | Profile

Libby Moore is a Treasure Hunter, Executive Coach, speaker, and global adventurer who loves inspiring people and companies to align with their higher self, in order to achieve their higher purpose.

Former Chief of Staff to Oprah Winfrey for 11 years, she spent over a decade by Oprah’s side while being exposed to some of the greatest thought leaders of our time. She now travels the world sharing those experiences as she helps corporations reimagine the best of what corporate culture can be.

Libby helped create the Emmy-Award Winning, Super Soul Sunday on OWN.  Before orbiting the O Universe, She was an Executive Assistant to Jann Wenner publisher of Rolling Stone, and a Personal Assistant to U.S. talk show host Maury Povich.