From Oprah's Former Chief of Staff to Speaker and Life Coach: Meet Libby Moore (Part 2)


Moore’s career path is the polar opposite of linear: it seems testament to an innate willingness to take risks and change paths.

(This is part two of a two-part series.)

Marg Booth, Director of OPB, had an amazing chat with our OPB 2019 Speaker Libby Moore. Libby gave some insight into her career as a coach and speaker, and her best experiences as Oprah's PA for almost 11 years. Continue reading below to get to know more about our OPB speaker.


Tell us about your best life experience.


Every single time I open myself up to higher energy (God, Source, Universe, or 'Something...’) and allow that energy to flow through me and guide me, my BEST life experiences happen! The Oprah opportunity coming to me; my interview with Oprah; meeting my life partner and how that happened; finding the perfect apartment in NYC for very little rent, when everyone said it was impossible ... there are so many examples of the power of this.


How did you come up with the idea of being a certified life coach and speaker?


I’ve always been someone who is a good listener and open to helping people sort out their problems. It started when I was a young kid, and in my professional life, many people in the office would come to me asking for advice. Getting my life coaching certification felt like a natural progression after 18 years of working with high profile individuals. The speaking opportunities came immediately after I left the job, but it took me about 3 years before I said yes. I really needed time to digest the previous decade, reflect on my entire life, and see if I had anything of value to add to that space. I absolutely love sharing my story, with the intention to help people along on their own unique path.

Could you quote 5 of your favorite inspirational quotes and tell us why are they meaningful to you? Could you share one of your own quotes?


“God can dream a bigger dream for me, for you, than you could ever dream for yourself.” Oprah
- I love this quote because I know it to be 100% the TRUTH.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Nikola Tesla
- This is one of my favorite quotes by one of the most brilliant humans that ever lived. This quote relates to our thoughts as well.

My own quote: “Nature is the new corner office.”
- To be able to manage yourself and manage your own time from anywhere in the world is “making it.” 

Why should PA’s/EA’s and Office professionals attend to OPB?


Everyone should attend because it is a celebration of You, Your team, the collective work and collaborations that make companies run! It’s a “thank you” to your teams and Co-workers. It’s a beautiful way to start your day with inspiring stories, real-life experiences and super friendly networking with the beautiful people of Brisbane. We are going to start a positive ripple effect of good vibes beginning at the OPB breakfast and seeing just how far it reaches across the world from there.

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Libby Moore | Profile

Libby Moore is a Treasure Hunter, Executive Coach, speaker, and global adventurer who loves inspiring people and companies to align with their higher self, in order to achieve their higher purpose.

Former Chief of Staff to Oprah Winfrey for 11 years, she spent over a decade by Oprah’s side while being exposed to some of the greatest thought leaders of our time. She now travels the world sharing those experiences as she helps corporations reimagine the best of what corporate culture can be.

Libby helped create the Emmy-Award Winning, Super Soul Sunday on OWN.  Before orbiting the O Universe, She was an Executive Assistant to Jann Wenner publisher of Rolling Stone, and a Personal Assistant to U.S. talk show host Maury Povich.